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At Voyage Chiropractic our patients are like family.  We look forward to helping you reach your chiropractic goals.

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David Knott D.C.

We are a neurologically-based Chiropractic office that uses the most specific, scientific chiropractic technique in chiropractic today. The Torque Release Technique has been proven through research to help the body heal better and faster than ever before. We use state-of-the-art technology to help locate the cause of sickness and disease in each individual.

Dr. David delivers gentle, specific, scientific, chiropractic adjustments that restore the full healing potential of the body to allow the body to function naturally, as God designed it. Voyage Chiropractic can help you reach your health potential without drugs or surgery.

While you may know that chiropractors help with back pain, you may be unfamiliar with the many ways a chiropractor can help you achieve optimal health.

We have amazing patients!

"When I started, I had bad headaches, hip pain, and sinus blockage. After one year of chiropractic care, all of my symptoms have virtually disappeared! I have been able to participate in my swim practice stronger than ever and haven't had headaches in school to slow me down. Chiropractic has changed my life for the better!"

Jackson W.

"When I began care I was experiencing discomforting hip pain, and numbness shooting down my left side. Since starting with Voyage, I have experienced gradual improvements-to the point that all numbness is gone! I feel stronger, healthier, and more prepared to take on the day. I no longer need to take pain reducers or use any pain relieving cremes. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone experiencing aches and pains. I am so thankful Voyage has given me my comfort and mobility back!"

Courtney A.

"After one year of care with Dr. David and the Voyage team, I am happy to say that I very rarely get headaches, no longer feel overwhelming anxiety in social crowded settings. I now feel that when the time is right I will not need fertility medicine to have a normal ovulation cycle. Chiropractic care has improved my health and I absolutely love my results!"

Haley B.

"As a teacher, I would get some kind of bug at least 4 times a year. Now, the doctor’s office has to call me to remind me to get a yearly checkup! Joining Voyage Chiropractic has truly been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health. I am so grateful to Dr. David and the amazing staff for their caring approach."

Amanda B.

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Are you looking for a chiropractor in Jacksonville? Chiropractic is one of the most fantastic healthcare professions, but only a small percentage of the population is aware of what it is all about. This website is intended to assist you in gaining a fundamental grasp of how our Jacksonville chiropractors can benefit you and your loved ones.

Voyage Chiropractic

At Voyage Chiropractic we treat every patient as an individual. We understand that each chiropractic patient is different and has different goals. Our team will work with you to provide the care you're looking for.


Chiropractic care has been shown to be helpful for symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel, and many more.


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Chiropractor Near Me

Have you ever done the search "Chiropractor Near Me"? If you have you're not alone. Almost everyone wants to find the nearest chiropractor to them these days. The world is a busy place, but at Voyage Chiropractic we hope we can be your chiropractic choice in Jacksonville.

We also understand that many patients are looking for a chiropractor that takes insurance.  We're happy to speak with you about that topic.

Chiropractic is one of the most astounding and rewarding professions in healthcare, yet only a small amount of people really know what it entails.

This page is here for you so that you can better grasp how our Jacksonville chiropractors can benefit you and your family members.

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