Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Patient Testimonial

"I would not have been able to have such a painless pregnancy without chiropractic care. I was carrying 11 pounds of baby (twins) and was able to walk, cook, do housework, etc. up until the very end. I had minimal back pain, could sleep comfortably, and was able to deliver twins vaginally, which was a dream of mine. I truly thank Dr. David for his knowledge to help make pregnancy such a joyful time. Additionally, I am grateful for postpartum care to help correct my body back. And I can feel secure knowing that my daughters had the best start to a healthy life by getting adjusted at two weeks old."

- Kaycie L.

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Abby Patient Testimonial

"I am so thankful to have had care throughout my pregnancy that kept me aligned and helped relieve the back pain from carrying a full-term baby. I was able to deliver our sweet baby vaginally as I had hoped due to being in proper alignment through chiropractic adjustments!"

- Abby D.

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Victoria Patient Testimonial

"Having only been to a chiropractor a few times many years ago, I was skeptical to try again because of previous experience. However, after a friend suggested Dr. Knott, I tried, and am so glad I did. Not only did he show me my x-rays and what he was going to do to correct my back , he also told me how he was adjusting each vertebrae without that painful cracking of my neck. The x-rays after 3 months of care proved it was working! I also love the atmosphere-super kind, great positive christian atmosphere, and an office that is always willing to go above and beyond to improve your health around your time schedule."

- Victoria B.

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Kelly Testimonial

"I came to Dr. David with very little hearing capabilities in my left ear, which was causing dizziness/vertigo. That has totally subsided! My neck and lower back pain has gotten better as well!"

- Kelly W.

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Kerri Testimonial

"After the car accident I was in last year, I had severe neck, shoulder, back, and rib pain. Within a few weeks of chiropractic care, I was able to pick-up my 2-year-old without pain! The care I have received from Voyage Chiropractic and Dr. David has been instrumental in my recovery. I feel better than I did before my accident!"

- Kerri B.

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Justin Testimonial

"The overall pain in my back, neck, knee, and shoulder have improved a lot! I am rarely taking any Ibuprofen anymore. The most noticeable change is waking up and feeling much better. I have less pain and more energy. I am waking up with more motivation to conquer the day! Thanks so much to the whole Voyage Team!"

- Justin P.

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Olivia Testimonial

"The symptoms when I first started my care were extreme. I had migraines almost daily, muscle spasms, sciatica and trouble sleeping. I was at my wits end. Then I found Voyage Chiropractic. My symptoms are so much better, and I know they will continue getting better. I can enjoy things again and not stress about pain."

- Olivia E.

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Bianca Testimonial

"I was barely able to sit or stand for longer than a few minutes due to my pain. I was not getting adequate rest at night due to my back and overall body being in constant pain. I neglected my health to the point of destruction; it was so bad. Although I knew getting adjusted and creating a treatment plan was helping in the long run, the initial start was hard. My body was having to undo all the bad "substitutions" to ease the pain.

Once I got used to the feeling of actual relief I could do so much more with my everyday activities. I stand in my kitchen and make a healthy meals instead of getting fast food. Before chiropractic care I couldn't cook myself a meal, due to the pain of standing. I have since lost weight, gotten better sleep, better mood, and overall flexibility in my body. I plan to continue my care so I can be my best self. Beyond grateful for the care I have received!"

- Bianca G.

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Amanda Testimonial

"I have severe scoliosis and for years had radiating pain and constant tingling on the right side of my shoulder and neck. I had seen orthopedic doctors who said they could do nothing for me, because my shoulder wasn’t damaged. They said it was probably nerve problems from the scoliosis. I also tried months of physical therapy with no success. I truly believed this would be a lifelong problem.

When I first heard Dr. David speak about chiropractic care, I was very skeptical. However, this constant tingle was so uncomfortable, I was willing to try anything. I am so happy I did! Within the first month I noticed the tingle decreasing. Within the first 3 months it was virtually gone! It was truly unbelievable.

I have been with the practice for about 4 years now, and there are other benefits I never expected. For one, I am able to sleep on my right side now. I could never do that before, because after a few minutes my hip, side, and shoulder would begin to have a burning feeling. Another great improvement is that I get sick much less. As a teacher, I would get some kind of bug at least 4 times a year. Now, the doctor’s office has to call me to remind me to get a yearly checkup!

Joining Voyage Chiropractic has truly been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health. I am so grateful to Dr. David and the amazing staff for their caring approach."

- Amanda B.

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Nicole Testimonial

"I was suffering from neck and back pain and it was keeping me from doing the things I love most, like picking up my daughter and baking. I had tried massage, topical pain creams and even steroid shots, but nothing was helping! Dr. David did x-rays and found significant degeneration in my neck that was caused by 10+ years in a career that had me looking down all day.

I initially had 3 months of care, both adjustments in the office and at home stretches, and the outcome has been so rewarding!

I have had:

  • the ability to hold my daughter without pain!
  • less headaches
  • reduced neck pain
  • reduced numbness in arm
  • improved sleep
  • more regular/ comfortable cycles
  • muscular improvement

- Nicole M.

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Haley B

"Prior to receiving chiropractic care, I suffered from headaches multiple times per week, increased anxiety especially in social settings, and difficulty regulating menstrual cycles due to PCOS. I also had neck pain and full back pain.

After 3 months of treatment, I noticed that my neck and back pain had gotten better which allowed for better quality of workouts. I also noticed that my menstrual cycles were not as irregular as before.

After 6 months of treatment, I no longer had upper or mid back pain and that my lower back pain only occurs after a long weekend of lifting boxes at work. Currently, I have a menstrual cycle every month and it only lasts an average of six days instead of four weeks, which was the duration before beginning treatment.

After one year of care with Dr. David and the Voyage team, I am happy to say that I very rarely get headaches, no longer feel overwhelming anxiety in social crowded settings. I now feel that when the time is right I will not need fertility medicine to have a normal ovulation cycle. Chiropractic care has improved my health and I absolutely love my results!"

- Haley B.

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Courtney Testimonial

"When I began care I was experiencing discomforting hip pain, and numbness shooting down my left side. Since starting with Voyage, I have experienced gradual improvements-to the point that all numbness is gone! I feel stronger, healthier, and more prepared to take on the day. I no longer need to take pain reducers or use any pain relieving cremes. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone experiencing aches and pains. I am so thankful Voyage has given me my comfort and mobility back!"

- Courtney A.

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Jackson W. Testimonial

"When I started, I had bad headaches, hip pain, and sinus blockage. After one year of chiropractic care, all of my symptoms have virtually disappeared! I have been able to participate in my swim practice stronger than ever and haven't had headaches in school to slow me down. Chiropractic has changed my life for the better!"

- Jackson W.

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