Unlocking Heart Health: The Relationship Between Your Nervous System & Your Heart In Jacksonville FL

Unlocking Heart Health: The Relationship Between Your Nervous System & Your Heart In Jacksonville FL

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Unlocking Heart Health

February is such an exciting time here at Voyage Chiropractic, our Jacksonville FL chiropractic clinic because it's Heart Health Month! This is the perfect moment to chat about something really fascinating – the special link between our nervous system and our heart.

The Nervous System’s Influence on the Heart In Jacksonville FL

Our nervous system does a lot more than just send messages around our body or control our movements. It's actually a big player in how our heart functions and our overall cardiovascular health!

The nervous system has two main parts: the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches. The sympathetic part is like the gas pedal, speeding up our heart rate when we're stressed or exercising. The parasympathetic system is like the brakes, slowing our heart down when we're calming down or relaxing.

Our nervous system and heart are connected by these nerve pathways, kind of like telephone lines between your brain and your heart. This connection helps keep your heart beating in a steady rhythm. But if something goes wrong, it can throw off your heart rate and overall heart health.

Stress, The Nervous System, & Heart Health

Now, let's talk about stress. We all know it's a pain, right? But it's also tough on our nervous system. Too much stress can tip the balance, leading to a faster heart rate, higher blood pressure, and more strain on our cardiovascular system. That's why keeping stress in check is so important for both our nervous system and our overall heart health.

Chiropractic Care Supports Nervous System Harmony

This is where we come in at Voyage Chiropractic. We're big believers in the power of spinal health for a happy nervous system. Sometimes, misalignments in our spine, called subluxations, can interfere with our nerve function and, in turn, our heart. Our chiropractic adjustments are all about correcting these misalignments, helping your nerves do their job properly, and supporting your heart health along the way.


Keeping our nervous system in tip-top shape through chiropractic care is a fantastic way to look after our heart, not just during Heart Health Month, but all year round. By keeping our spine aligned and our nerves happy, we're giving our heart the love it deserves.

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