The Naked Injury in Jacksonville

The Naked Injury in Jacksonville

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Head Injury

With more than 300,000 cases reported every year, more than likely you know someone who has suffered from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). TBI is sudden damage to your brain that is the result of a blow or jolt to the head. This can happen because of a car accident, fall, sports injury, an assault, and more. Most people experience TBI in the form of a concussion. A concussion is often referred to as the invisible injury because it cannot be seen with the naked eye or even with an x-ray. But what you may not realize is how much of an impact this injury may have on your everyday life.

When your brain experiences a concussion (a result of TBI), the sudden movement can cause the brain to bounce around or twist in the skull, creating chemical changes in your brain. Typically, it takes a week or more for it to become balanced again. Receiving another injury to your brain during this time can be life threatening. For most, giving yourself the proper amount of time to heal can be difficult. But, the long-term side effects of ignoring the needs of your body can be detrimental to your future health. Our Jacksonville Chiropractor is here to help you today!

The dangers of ignoring TBI

  • Difficulty concentrating. One of the more common symptoms of TBI is the inability to focus and concentrate. Most patients experience a “fuzziness” that they can’t seem to shake. If you aren’t getting enough sleep during the recovery time, your thinking ability is lowered and you may begin experiencing other symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue and stress.
  • Memory issues. The more concussions you have the harder a time your brain has recovering from the injury and the more memory problems begin to surface. Most people don’t have an issue memorizing past events, but they do have an issue retaining memories and information that is happening now.
  • Depression and other psychological problems. TBI is most common in athletes. All it takes is one look at the Aaron Hernadez case to know that repeated brain injuries left untreated overtime result in terrifying psychological problems down the line. According to Anne McKee, head of CTE Center at BU, “There is a concern that we’re seeing accelerated disease in young athletes. Whether or not that’s because they’re playing more aggressively or if they’re starting at younger ages, we don’t know. But we are seeing the ravages of this disease.” She also said, “Individuals with CTE — and CTE of this severity — have difficulty with impulse control, decision-making, inhibition of impulses for aggression, emotional volatility, rage behaviors.”

How you can help yourself heal

Rest. The first 48 hours after a TBI are the most critical. It is extremely important to rest and avoid any physical activities. There is a reason that we feel so refreshed after a good night’s rest. Sleep boosts alertness, replenishing the neurotransmitters that organize the neural networks in our brains. These networks are essential not only for memory, but also for learning, mental performance and problem solving which is even more important after suffering an injury to your brain.

  • Avoid screen time. If you’re suffering from TBI, most likely you are experiencing headaches and sensitivity to light. By turning off the TV and putting your phone down you can help avoid extra stimulation of the brain. During the healing phase it is important for your brain to get a chance to “shut down” so that true healing can begin.
  • Visit your Jacksonville chiropractor. When a concussion occurs, it is usually the result of trauma to the head or neck. When this happens, the spine can become very easily misaligned. Normally, this occurs in the cervical spinal area due to the nature of the injury. Chiropractic adjustments work to realign the spine and work to alleviate neck pain, headaches and sensitivity to light resulting from TBI and increase better concentration and focus overall.

Brain injuries are something that should be taken very seriously. At Voyage Chiropractic in Jacksonville, our goal is to help you live your life to its utmost potential. That’s why our doctors give very gentle and specific adjustments to help restore your body to its ultimate potential. Treating your body to chiropractic care can help with treating symptoms of concussions and lowering your risk of future brain injuries. To book an appointment, call one of our team members at (904) 240-4823. We cannot wait to serve you within our office!

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